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Welcome to our online floor school. Our intention is to make learning fun and useful. If you aren't having fun and learning something, let us know. If you have any difficulties with the course, you can click for help on each page, but don't waste time worrying about problems. Just call us at 209-869-5994. Please-- it is lonely in here. Ron and Libby

The classes listed below (except the free one) are intended to expand upon material learned in IICRC and NWFA courses. Completion of each class earns the student 1 or 2 CEC credits for IICRC certifications in all categories. Completion of the wood-related classes earns CECs for IICRC OR NWFA. It is not possible to use these classes to earn an IICRC certification. I will report your CECs to the appropriate agency. If you want to do it yourself, download the completion certificate at the end of the course and send it with your renewal.

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Wood Characteristics
Various characteristics visible on the face of a wood floor have their roots in events that occur during growth, drying and manufacturing. This course seeks to develop skills in understanding and identifying these characteristics. It is designed for inspectors and flooring experts but is useful to anyone who deals with wood. $145 Earns 2 NWFA or IICRC CECs.
Wood Sanding and Finishing
This course covers the intricacies of sanding and finishing. These processes have a dramatic effect on the appearance and performance of the finished floor. Recognizing possible problems and understanding these activities is an essential skill in a wood inspector. For CECs only, not for certification. Earns 2 IICRC or NWFA CECs. $145
Wood for Drying Professionals
This course extends beyond the subjects in most restoration courses and focuses on wood. Topics include the properties of wood, wood structure, the role of moisture, properties of engineered woods as subfloors and drying of all wood and wood products. It is designed for professionals involved in restoration and drying and those who may benefit from an increased understanding of wood and wood products. It qualifies for 1 CEC for IICRC in ANY category OR 1 CEC from the NWFA for inspectors. $95
Spotting begins by reviewing all the chemicals and methods commonly used in removing spots, which are not removed by general cleaning methods. All this comes together in a series of short movies demonstrating the removal of actual spots combining techniques and solutions in innovative ways. To enroll, click click on title. Earns 1 CEC $79
Cleaning Science
Cleaning science examines the characteristics of soil, detergency and pH as it relates to carpet cleaning and cleaning in general. This goes further than is necessary in basic carpet cleaning courses and so is likely to contain information that is new to the learner. Even more advanced information is available in the advance cleaning science that is under construction and available for download. Completing this course earns 1 CEC credit. $79
Carpet Construction
Carpet Construction examines carpet construction including a variety of woven construction types. We cover tufted and non-woven, non-tufted constructions in more depth than is required in basic carpet cleaning courses. In addition to basic carpet construction, carpet yarns and fibers and appropriate cleaning techniques are discussed in detail. Earns 1 CEC. $79
Carpet Care and Cleaning
This is not a CEC course. Those who complete this course may acquire an IICRC Certificate for Carpet Care as part of the IICRC Basic Skills Program. Learn the basics of carpet cleaning, including carpet construction, cleaning basics and spot removal.

You may stop and start as you wish. The system will automatically send you back to the place you left off. You have 10 days to complete this course. If you need more time, please ask. We are here for questions and discussion via phone and email, so don't hesitate to contact us. $175.
Construcción de la Alfombra
La limpieza eficaz de alfombra requiere una cierta comprensión de la construcción de la alfombra, los forros o apoyos, los estilos de hilo de la cara y las fibras que hacen la alfombra. En este curso, nos concentraremos en los componentes de la alfombra y cómo se relacionan con la limpieza.
Este curso está en español pero los controles (botones) necesarios para moverse alrededor del curso están en inglés. La llamada 209-869-5994 o email yo en libby@floorschoolonline.com y yo le enviará una película que le demuestre cómo navegar alrededor del curso en español. $98
El Proceso de Limpieza
1 CEC, $79
Bits and pieces of the carpet related courses are thrown together here to give you a FREE preview of what it is like to go through one of our courses. This does provide an excellent overview of our course but, the resulting mismash does not follow a logical theme. In other words, this is alot like our real courses except that the real courses actually make sense. Enjoy it for what it is. There are some educational bits and some fun bits and some that are both. Let us know what you think. Ron and Libby
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